Bass Fishing


Fishing at Leavellwood

If you are a novice or even a professional angler you will be able to test your skills on trophy bass and bream in one of our beautiful man-made lakes.  Each lake has its own unique design with a variety of underwater structures that offer many opportunities to hook a truly big one.

We now have over 110 acres of lakes and each lake is equipped with concrete boat launches and offer covered boat houses and electrical hook-ups.  You can bring your own boat if you want or fish in one of the fully rigged bass boats provided here at Leavellwood.

Each lake is stocked with Florida hybrids and

F1, commonly known as the Tiger or Gorilla bass.  The F1 is a cross between the Florida and the Northern bass.  This breed is a larger more aggressive bass than the typical full northern.  They will typically bite when the big Florida’ bass are less active.  In addition, our lakes are stocked with truly large bream that offer their own brand of excitement when fishing with either light weight tackle or a fly rod.

We maintain an intense fertilizer program in all of our lakes to promote a healthy food chain to provide our fish with the highest and best food source possible.   In addition, we add other species of forage fish in the spring to promote added growth and weight gain in our young and growing bass.  Throughout and around each of the lakes you will notice automatic feeders that go off numerous times each day supplying the fish with an additional high protein food source.

Over the years we have made our share of mistakes and gained our share of experience to find out what it truly takes to create a bass fishing environment.  Our lakes get plenty of rest by closing them six months out of the year.  Only a limited number of anglers are on the lakes at any one time and only limited days are fished each week.   We have hosted Hank Parker, Denny Brauer, Jimmy Houston, Shaw Grigsby, Woo Daves, Roland Martin, Bass Masters, ESPN and the Outdoor Channel here, just to name a few.  Over 30 TV shows have been produced right here on the lakes at Leavellwood.


Call for references —talk to our customers who have fished here.  Ask them how many fish they caught and how often their rods were bent and their lines TIGHT!   We fish from March through June and September until November 15.

We specialize in personalized service both on and off the lakes.  The only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy!

Leavellwood Lake
Leavellwood Lake is a 35-acre impoundment built in 1997. Originally birthed on the idea of controlling erosion problems contributed by a long, deep ditch running throughout the property, has turned into a trophy bass and bream sanctuary. In April of 2011, Leavellwood produced a bass weighing over 13 pounds. The secret of producing these large trophy bass in Leavellwood is the incredible bream population. Our fishermen often ask, “How many bream could I catch?” The answer is simple. “However many crickets you bring!”
The under water character of Leavellwood is comprised of large cedar and hardwood tree laydowns, concrete reefs, stump timber, large creek channel, old sunken pond dam, five automobiles, including a Cadillac Coup D-ville (which some fishermen have reported that they have hooked large bass only to see them swim into the Cadillac and roll the glass up on them).
With seven automatic feeders scattered throughout the lake, our bream have grown to record size, which promotes healthy spawns providing an abundant food source for our bass to thrive and grow on. If you want to talk about some good fly fishing, try out these Leavellwood giants!


Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a 42-acre large trophy bass haven! The allure of this lake is its old standing timber, concrete reefs and laydowns anchored throughout the lake. Passing by this lake, quickly catches the idea of both novice and experienced anglers. It just looks like it has big bass! This lake was constructed in 2002, by flooding over an existing lake containing bass and bream. It has been intensely managed towards producing an abundance of forage fish and perfect growing environment for our bass, which paid off this past year with producing a record bass at Leavellwood of 15 pounds! An absolute monster bass to look at! She was returned to the lake where she will hopefully pass on those genetics to many offspring. Wonder if she ever gets caught again, what she will weigh? New State Record maybe?
Sleepy Hollow has high protein feeders located throughout the lake along with an abundance of thread fin shad to offer these big, aggressive bass plenty to feed on.

Sawgrass Lake


This is our newest lake and is the culmination of years of experience in our search to discover what bass and bream truly need to thrive and reach their optimum potential.  Completed in March of 2012, this 30+-acre lake truly has it all and is going to appeal to the fishermen, hunter and golfer.     With a name like Sawgrass, you have to wonder how that came about.  Unique to this lake is a replica of the world famous #17 hole at Sawgrass, which is located in Florida.   This golf green is located in the lake formed out of the existing pond dam of the former “Honey Hole” lake.  Surrounded by a strong retaining wall and equipped with an irrigation system, this amenity on Sawgrass Lake is sure to provide hours of competitive entertainment for our customers.  Tee from an elevated position located 134 yards from the hole and test your golfing skills, while you are waiting on that fishing and hunting experience.


Lets talk about fishing on Sawgrass.  This lake is the deepest lake located on Leavellwood and is fifty yards right behind the lodge that was constructed and flooded over an existing lakebed.  In the deepest part of the lake, it is 30+ feet deep.  Lots of structure was carefully planed and put in place that consists of large concrete structure reefs, two five ton grain bins, numerous sunken cedar trees and standing natural timber in the deep ditch line that runs almost one quarter mile throughout the middle of the lake. With the old lake dam that was partially reduced, this created an underwater berm for bass and bream to gather in the shadows of the afternoon sun.  A big emphasis was also taken into consideration addressing the effects of the rising and setting of the sun.  We placed structure where there would be shadows cast underwater for fish to congregate during different ti
mes of the day.

Seven fish feeders are located on this lake to boost bream productions and to keep the abundant population of forage fish healthy.







  1. Fish Safe! Always watch where your fishing partner is.  Lifejackets are in storage compartments in boat and at boat house.  Make sure you have one if you cannot swim.
  3. Keep all broken fishing lines in boats, along plastic worms and discarded lures.  After fishing in the morning or late afternoon, please plug in your boats before leaving or returning to lodge.
  4. All fishing is catch and release.  As soon as you can, unhook the fish and release gently into the water at the side of the boat.  Please do not toss or throw fish or handle fish bodies by your hand.   Hold by the lip and release as soon as possible.  Do not allow them to flop around on boat deck.  Violation of any of these rules removes their protective coating and increases bass mortality.   Healthy fish make for better fishing!
  5. Keep boats 30 feet from shore line at all times.  If you get closer than this, trolling motor shafts can be broken or damaged due to underwater structure or mud from receding banks.
  6. You must keep all boats 30 feet from aerators, feeders and standpipes.  (No exceptions!) Anchors are in storage compartments.  Getting closer than 30 feet can cause damage to the aerators, feeders or boats.
  7. On all worms, lizards and flukes, please bend down all barbs on hooks.  (No Teflon coated hooks allowed)
  8. Keep all trash in the boat and then transfer to trash cans @ boat house.
  9. Once you are assigned to a lake there will be no swapping of lakes unless it has been arranged previously by Trey.  Any damage or abuse related to trolling motors, aerators or equipment is solely the customer’s responsibility.
  10.  IMPORTANT!  If you are fishing in Sleepy Hollow Lake, do not enter into dead standing timber or go near any tree that might be a safety hazard in the event your boat should be blown into or bump into a dead tree.  They can fall on you or in boat.



$450.00 a day for overnight fishing packages which typically begins at lunch on the first day with an afternoon of fishing, dinner and overnight lodging. Breakfast and fishing the next morning with departure at 11:00 a.m.

$325.00 for day fishing; which arrives at day break and departs at dusk. Includes lunch at the lodge and boat.
(Corporate rates available for groups of eight or more)