Deer Hunting


With over 25 years of managing our deer herd in a free range environment, you are sure to be impressed with the quantity and quality of our deer population. We have learned that pressure and habitat play a vital role in our deer hunting experience. We limit the amount of days we hunt each season and we provide a year round source of nutrition for our deer herd in order to insure their health and vitality. At Leavellwood, we are diversified in the activities we offer thereby insuring that no natural resource is ever taxed beyond its ability to continue thriving.

We also have a 500 acre preserve enclosure where we allow limited harvest of mature whitetails. These whitetails have a predominantly northern influence that comes from years of select breeding and introduction with our native genetics to achieve a deer herd that is large in body, antler mass and gross B & C scoring. These hunts are typically taken within the first three weeks of deer season and have limited availability.

Free Range – Deer Hunt Rates; Three day deer hunt begins at arrival at 11:30 a.m. for lunch on first day with afternoon hunt, dinner and overnight lodging. Second day has a morning and afternoon hunt with all meals and lodging. The third day has a breakfast and a morning hunt with departure at 10:30 a.m.. Total Cost: $1,650.00

Prices can and are subject to change
(Does not include hunting license or gratuity)

Preserve Hunt Rates – Call for pricing (205-372-2323)

We take great pride in maintaining a good infrastructure to transport our hunters in and out of the hunting area.

We are a year round operation and each year we expand the amenities that we offer to our customers. As they have invested in us, we have continued to re-invest in our best renewable resource; which is you the customer.